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Your sales people write their own copy. Give them the tools to do it right. This is the Premier online training program for developing and writing copy that produces renewals 

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Four decades.


130,000 scripts and ideas.


Now, your staff can have the revenue driving techniques that have made BENMARadio a valued partner to over 300 radio stations, on three continents, for over four decades.

Each module takes 45 minutes to one hour (including time for Q and A) and is live, via Google Meet, so your staff can be anywhere to tune in.  Mark Margulies will take you to a new level of revenue development by showing how the sales and creative  lines intersect.

To understand one without the other means leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table every year. 

Topics covered
  1. Stop writing 20th century copy for 21st century media

  2. The six seconds that make or break your radio ad

  3. Only try to solve one problem in any spot

  4. What information is unimportant 

  5. How to write creative spots even if all you can do are  straight single voice reads

  6. Multi-voice commercials done the right way

  7. How to UPSELL

  8. How to present spec spots that double your success rate

  9. Copyright laws,  using music properly and what about popular drops

Other topics available as you advance
  • Creating a direct connection between your radio ad, and success for the client

  • Think like a narrowcaster, not a broadcaster

  • Time to take a 'discovery hike'

  • How to build a campaign and grow equity in a sound

  • Why sound effects are your best friend

  • Ways to take clients from 'show-up-and-throw-up' to focused ads that get results

  • Looking at and writing your ad from 180 degree angles

  • Branding - Why you brand

  • Branding - HOW you brand

  • Storytelling

  • Learning how to let your ad 'breathe'

295.00 per segment
265.00 per segment booked in series of four (4)
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