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To access the individual programs you are interested in, please go to the nav bar above, roll over the services menu option and click on the program name. You will be taken directly to the requested page.

Gen2 Custom Copy

Agency quality copy complete with scratch reads to speed up the sales process

Virtual Seminar

Personalized copy and creative instruction that immediately improves your staffs abilities

Podcast Program

Personalize your message and deliver entertaining important information to clients and prospects

How to use Gen2 Copy

Full tutorial o how to use our system and how to understand what we can deliver


“I’ve always believed that sales training should be about winning a street fight, not learning a bunch of theories you can’t access in the heat of battle.  My concepts are reality-based, my techniques are steeped in human psychology, and my delivery has always been from the trenches not the classroom.”


 Greg Bennett, 'Consultive Closing'

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