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Podcast Program

Making Your Message Make Sense for Your Customer

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Earbuds in Case

Our podcasts are simple, effective, entertaining ways to reach out to customers, speaking to them directly, without  the time or scheduling constraints of traditional media. A BENMARadio podcast is aimed at eight minutes, so as to maximize the entertainment value and message.

If you'd like more details, please visit the home page and scroll down for the 'Contact Us' section. We'll respond promptly. 

All Programs Include:
The Daily Drive With Greg Bennett -
Identity Crisis - BENMARadio
  • Three (3) new podcasts per month (new topic every 10 days)

  • One voice talent (additional voices extra)

  • Production and editing

  • Writing and editing

  • Maintenance and updating of email list

  • Distribution of podcast via email

  • Storage of produced podcasts

  • Two week cancellation

  • Structure - 1:00 open / 6:30 body / 0:30 exit

Examples of theme choices (Partial list. Does NOT include custom ideas):


  • Old 40's style detective

  • Circus 

  • Superhero

  • Old fashioned soap opera

  • Medical

  • Two people talking on the street

  • Sports theme

  • Game show

  • TV comic commercial style

  • Genie of the lamp

  • Hunting

  • News reporting

  • Talking to 'mom' / 'dad'/ relative

  • Teaching a class


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