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 Available through a special leased rights arrangement featuring Greg Bennett's breakthrough 'Consultative Closing'  material

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“I’ve always believed that sales training should be about winning a street fight, not learning a bunch of theories you can’t access in the heat of battle.  My concepts are reality-based, my techniques are steeped in human psychology, and my delivery has always been from the trenches not the classroom.” - Greg Bennett, 'Consultive Closing'

Prospecting Boot Camp

  • Learn dynamic new prospecting strategies for radio sellers

  • Lead with ideas and great concepts that excite prospects

  • Build your passion and conviction level 

  • Deal with call reluctance, fears, and anxieties

  • Weekly practice, role-playing, and problem solving

  • Handle objections and learn time maximization concepts

  • Book 2x as many meetings with 50% less hassle and stress

  • Mandatory prospecting activity for every week in the course

  • 30-day course featuring weekly 60-minute zoom calls

  • Live coaching availability during the week

  • Weekly competitions with great prizes

  • Limited class size (max 20) for personalized attention

Just $395 Per Person

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