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BENMAR Biz Check

Making Media Make Sense to You

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The BENMAR Biz Check

 Information is power. Now, you get the power.

The BENMARadio Biz Check is information, an honest, unbiased explanaion of what you need to plan for when it comes to radio advertising specifically - and media in general.


It's something a marketing or advertising team would charge multiple thousands of dollars to do.

We'll do it all in 15 days and we do it for just $595

You get a full analytic report, complete with advice on what you should do moving forward. We even provide sample radio scripts, if you choose to move in that direction.


You also get an additional 30 days with your BENMARadio creative team, to use as you see fit.

Add to that one month of the Podcast Maintenance Program, to connect with your customers and  keep them in the loop about how your business can help them.


We have the experience, knowledge and success of working with thousands of small business people across three continents.  Plus, our analytics can work for ANY media you choose, new school or old. 

Book a 15 minute discussion now. If you don't like what you hear and see, we'll virtually shake your hand and say 'thank you'. If you do, we'll make sure you get the most complete media analysis anyone's ever provided.

What You Get

 We provide:

  • An in depth first interview, usually around 60 minutes

  • A full analytic report that offers advice on many different areas you may not be expert at

  • Customized guidance for your future media buys

  • Three radio scripts, to see how to properly position your message to your audience

  • A additional 30 days to contact us with questions, issues and other details you'd like us to discuss

  • One free month of the Podcast Maintenance Program, as a way to promote yourself to your new and old customers

How It Works
  • We begin with a 15 minute review. You then make the choice whether to move forward or shake hands and say 'another time'

  • Choose to move forward and the next step will be to schedule a 60 minute interview

  • Upon completion of the interview, you will be invoiced  $295. Once this invoice is paid (credit card or check), we will begin working on your Biz Check

  • The actual report will take two weeks to create. When it's completed, we will contact you

  • Once that notification goes out, your final invoice will be sent. If you used a credit card, we'll charge that card. If you paid by check, we will again wait for payment

  • Once payment is received, we schedule a final report and wrap-up. Remember, when that's done, you still have 30 days to ask questions, discuss ideas and go over anything regarding your media

  • We then set up your Podcast Maintenance Program. You get a free month of podcast support directed at everyone on your mailing list. Your first month is free - after that, it's $399 per month. 

595.00 per report
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