Thirty years.


125,000 scripts and ideas.


Now, your staff can have the revenue driving techniques that have made BENMARadio a valued partner to over 300 radio stations, on three continents for over three decades.

In four hours, Mark Margulies will take your staff to a new level of revenue development by showing how the sales and creative  lines intersect.


To understand one without the other means leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table every year. 

Topics covered
  1. Stop writing 20th century copy for 21st century media

  2. The six seconds that count the most

  3. Only try to solve one problem in any spot

  4. What information is unimportant 

  5. How to write creative spots even if all you can do are  straight single voice reads

  6. Multi-voice commercials done the right way

  7. How to UPSELL

  8. How to present spec spots that double your success rate

  9. Copyright laws,  using music properly and what about popular drops

Cost / Schedule

8  to 8:15                          Meet and greet. Schmoozing


8:15 to 9:15                      Topics 1 thru 3


9:15  to 9:30                      Break

9:30 to 11:00                    Topics 4 thru 7

11:00  to 11:15                   Break


11:15 to 12:15                    Topics 8 and 9


1:30  thru 3                         Personal coaching where  requested

1295.00 all inclusive

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